Add a brand new Vista appearance to your Windows XP

So you want to have Windows Vista, but you don't want to give up Windows XP yet and – of course - you don't want to spend a single cent on it. Believe it or not, we have the solution! View full description


  • Very easy to install
  • Creates a restoration point for a safer uninstall
  • You can select which elements to include in installation and which ones not
  • Includes many extra applications


  • Some icons still don't show properly
  • There's no graphical interface to manage extra apps and other elements


So you want to have Windows Vista, but you don't want to give up Windows XP yet and – of course - you don't want to spend a single cent on it. Believe it or not, we have the solution!

The answer to your prayers is called Vistamizer and it's a complete theme that will transform your current Windows XP system into a brand new Vista with all the 3D effects, transparencies, shiny icons and other eye candy. Don't worry, Vistamizer is just a Vista disguise for XP; the system core files and backbone will still be XP.

After trying a few Vista themes for XP, I was really glad to find Vistamizer, just because it's so easy to install! Unlike other similar tools, which demand external applications, third-party libraries and other strange elements, Vistamizer includes just about everything you need to have it up and running in no time. Installing it is a question of pressing on the "Next" button a few times, rebooting and you're done. Uninstallation is also very easy: as the program creates a restoration point, you won't have any problems to go back to the good ol' XP if you ever grow tired of Vista's style.

Vistamizer lets you select exactly which elements to install and which ones not. The list includes not only Vista graphical elements, but also some extra apps that reproduce Vista's features such as the sidebar, the toolbat tooltips or the 3D effect to switch between running applications. Note that if you want to uninstall any of these later on, you'll have to open the Control Panel and start the Vistamizer uninstalling process, as there's no visual interface from which to manage installed components.

On the downside, I noticed some icons don't show properly, for instance in the Start menu and My Documents folder. But in my opinion these are just minor flaws in a full featured theme that can transform Windows XP into Vista in a couple of clicks.

Vistamizer is one of the best Vista themes for Windows XP available today: it's very easy to install, lets you choose what elements and apps should be included and the final output is pretty much the closest you can get to Vista in Windows XP.


  • Display error dialogs when copying fixed
  • Theme now available for 48px icons
  • Default cursor is replaced

With VistaMizer you can keep your good ol' Windows XP operating system while enjoying a brand new, true Vista look. In addition to changing the whole desktop appearance, more than 300 files are replaced with new icons, pictures and videos. This means that VistaMizer does not provide its own files, but modifies those of your system which you select during the installation process.

In any case, VistaMizer is optimized to get over compatibility issues and therefore ensures that the system doesn't become unstable due to the changes. And if you're not satisfied by the results or simply want to go back to XP, you have the possibility to return to your old system by running VistaMizer's uninstallation feature.

Take a look at what the program features:

  • Modifies your own system files
  • Free choice of the files you want to change
  • Multilingual support
  • Compatibility check during installation
  • Backup of the original system files




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